Even though Anna Kendrick acts kind of weird at times, I have always considered her to be a beautiful woman.

It’s easy to see why she would look similar without her makeup.

Don’t take my word for it, see it for yourself!

1. Confident smile from within

Anna Kendrick confident smile
via Twitter

Not many actresses can smile the way Anna does without makeup. Most would shy away from the camera so this is a clear show of confidence!

2. Do you want my autograph?

Anna Kendrick signing autograph
via Pinterest

I think Anna was stopped on the street for an autograph. She got her pen ready even though her face wasn’t exactly camera ready.

3. The blank stare

Anna Kendrick blank stare
via Reddit

Without her eyeliner and lashes, I find Anna’s stare rather funny and blank.

Don’t you?

4. I can’t find my grocery

Anna Kendrick buying groceries
via Pinterest

Going to the supermarket with no makeup didn’t bother Anna, I think she was just having a hard time fulfilling her grocery list.

Oh look…she didn’t even have her nails done.

5. Inside the subway train

Anna Kendrick inside the subway train
Instagram @ annakendrick47

I’m not sure when Anna last caught a subway but judging by the excitement on her face (and tongue), I’d say it has been a very long time.

In fact, she was so excited that she forgot to put on her makeup LOL.

6. Messy hair day

Anna Kendrick messy hair day
via Pinterest

Just one of those early mornings where getting your hair and makeup done feels worst than climbing a mountain.

Plus, it was a windy day.

7. Did somebody ask for my selfie?

Anna Kendrick lazy selfie
via Twitter

Anna’s face makeup was half done and I’m sure she has better clothes to wear. So, I don’t know if you’d call this selfie lazy or funny.

It’s probably a bit of both.

8. Daydreaming at the airport

Anna Kendrick day dreaming at the airport
via Pinterest

Anna was spotted at the airport without makeup. She was clearly daydreaming about something while waiting to pass security.

I wonder what was on her mind. Mascara, lip gloss? Probably not.

9. Looking professional in glasses

Anna Kendrick with glasses
via Facebook

Anna doesn’t need heavy eyeshadow and red lipstick to look professional. All she needs is her bare face and a pair of glasses, and voila!

10. Taking a walk close to home

Anna Kendrick walking down the road
via Pinterest

The fact that Anna was wearing thongs and without makeup tells me that she was closeby to her home.

Maybe she was just heading to the corner shop?

11. Swimming in Hawaii

Anna Kendrick swimming in Hawaii
Instagram @ annakendrick47

This was the time when Anna was having a dip in the beautiful waters of Hawaii while wearing no makeup. Yup…she wanted to keep it natural.

12. Getting ready to film…not

Anna Kendrick getting ready to film
via Pinterest

Before the camera rolls, the actress has to get her hair and face ready. Everything seems halfway done though and Anna wasn’t impressed.