I can still remember when Alexandra Daddario first hit the Baywatch scene and oh boy, she was gorgeous!

Fast forward a few years, and she’s still rocking that stunning look.

So, I’m curious. Has she ever had plastic surgery, even just a smidge?

Let do some research.

Before and After Photos

I will be doing a full analysis on the actress’ face and body. You can be the judge.

Did Alexandra Daddario get botox?

Alexandra Daddario botox before and after photo comparison

Laugh lines and crow’s feet?

Sure, they’re there when Alexandra flashes that infectious smile. But here’s the twist—they’ve been consistent over the last couple of years, so Botox is unlikely on her beauty playlist.

I just don’t see much changes to her face cheeks, eyes and forehead. I’m saying no.

Has Alexandra Daddario had a facelift?

Alexandra Daddario facelift before and after photo comparison

At 37, Alexandra’s face is a canvas of youthfulness. No deep wrinkles or saggy skin in sight. Frankly, a facelift seems as unnecessary as an umbrella in a sandstorm. She’s rocking her age with grace, no surgeon required.

Did Alexandra Daddario have a nose job?

Alexandra Daddario nose job before and after photo comparison

From this angle, Alexandra’s nose appears slightly thinner on the bridge. But before we jump on the “nose job” train, let’s factor in her age and the magic of contouring.

Yes, people’s nose do change a bit over time but the overall shape still looks the same to me. So, I think she’s just contouring like a pro.

Did Alexandra Daddario get lip fillers?

Alexandra Daddario lip fillers before and after photo comparison

Nothing to see here.

Those lips are just doing their own thing, and they’re doing it well. Lip filler rumors? Shut the door; her pout is legit.

Did Alexandra Daddario have dental work?

Alexandra Daddario teeth before and after photo comparison

You bet she did.

But that was a long time ago and braces seems to be the only thing that she’s done.

I can’t see any other work like veneers or fillings.

Does Alexandra Daddario have breast implants?

Alexandra Daddario breast implants before and after photo comparison

Forget Baywatch.

Alexandra’s ample assets has been at the forefront for as long as I can remember. No signs of deflation or inflation here – those babies seem to be au naturel.

Boob job? Nah, just good genes and perhaps a solid workout routine.

Did Alexandra Daddario get a butt enhancement?

Alexandra Daddario butt enhancement before and after photo comparison

The rear view of Alexandra Daddario doesn’t raise any eyebrows; her proportional posterior has been a consistent feature. Unlike the trend of augmented buttocks, Alexandra’s figure remains envy-inducing without the need for any noticeable enhancements.


I couldn’t find anything.

Apart from those gleaming pearly whites, there is nothing to suggest that Alexandra has gotten cosmetic surgery.

For now, at least!