I’ve been watching Adrianne Palicki on “The Orville” recently and oh boy, does she look different?

My first reaction is plastic surgery, but I don’t have proof yet.

Not until I do this anyway.

Check it out.

Before and After Photos

These are the procedures that I’m suspecting Adianne of having. I have compared them side-by-side below.

Did Adrianne Palicki have lip injections?

Adrianne Palicki lip injections before and after comparison photo

Not sure about you but this was the first thing I picked up on.

Adrianne’s lips look plumper especially from this angle. Her top lip seems enhanced with lip fillers, and she may have gotten small injections on the bottom lip also.

They both look fuller!

Did Adrianne Palicki get botox?

Adrianne Palicki botox before and after comparison photo

I wouldn’t be surprised.

Adrianne is 39 years old so she is at an age where she would be looking at anti-aging treatments and botox could be one of those.

However, nothing is obvious at the point. So, if she did receive any facial fillers, it was done minimally.

Has Adrianne Palicki had a boob job?

Adrianne Palicki boob job before and after comparison photo

I’m still 50/50 about this one.

There are rumors about Adrianne having a boob job in 2002, prior to her screen debut. However, I couldn’t find any pictures of her before 2003.

So, I am unable to compare nor confirm this.

Having said that, Adrianne’s breasts are quite far apart, so part of me thinks that they could be breast implants. What about you?


There are clues laying around.

While the actress has not openly admitted to having any work done, it’s hard to ignore the changes we’re seeing on our TV screen.

Either way, she still looks gorgeous and that’s all that matters.